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DentAntalya Clinic

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Erdal Cetinkaya, DentAntalya Oral and Dental Health Clinic is renowned for its comprehensive dental care and innovative treatments in areas such as Implantology, Gum Disease Treatment, and Cosmetic Dentistry. The clinic’s success is a reflection of its dedication to excellence in dental treatment and design, ensuring every patient achieves the best possible oral health and aesthetic results. DentAntalya Oral and Dental Health Clinic excels in cosmetic dentistry, leveraging advanced treatments to achieve outstanding aesthetic results, making it a premier destination for health tourism. Its reputation as a leader in the field attracts patients globally, seeking top-notch dental care in a welcoming, professional environment. 

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Patients Said

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Zirconium crowns – Amazing doctor and very natural teeth.

Im from UK, I booked my treatment with DentAntalya Clinic and Im very happy with my result. I reserved my flight tickets and they arranged all the transfers and the stay. I stayed 5 days and the treatment went very smooth. No pain no sides effect. Dr Erdal Çetinkaya was very professional and he made the zirconium crowns shape and color as I wanted. I feel more confident my smile is amazing and all people that I know were very surprised of the natural and the quality of the job. I also enjoyed my stay in Antalya and the clinic connected me to the tour agency and I had some city tours. Dental Tourism in Antalya is the best choice. Just Contact DentAntalya and you will never regret it. Highly recommended.

Thanks for everything!

When I first went to DentAntalya, I was hesitant. I have had fears about my teeth. However, thanks to Mr. Erdal’s smiling face and mastery of his job, all my fears disappeared and now I have very successfully made teeth.


DentAntalya Highly recommend! Asma and team members were very friendly and professional, all round great customer service. Asma, arranged car service for My husband and I we were picked up at the airport the driver was prompt and courteous, despite our flight being delayed. He took us to all of our appointments. Asma, was extremely helpful and made us feel at ease. I then had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Erdal Çetinkaya and his assistant who spent 3 days working on my teeth, showing a high level of care and attention. He was gentle and professional, and I cannot thank him enough for making my smile brighter.

It was gratefully.

It was gratefully. It only took 4-5 days to make a metal crown. The doctor was very careful.I am very happy because Doctor Erdal cetinkaya

Спасибо большое!!

Спасибо большое!!! У меня отклеился винир, написала в вотсап и меня записали в этот же день, всё сделали аккуратно !!Быстро! Ничего своего не навязывали как это любят делать в Турции… Не знаю английского, но через переводчик поняли друг друга!

Good experience

Dr Erdal Cetinkaya expertise and professional is incomparable. I lost all my teeth and I decided to do my teeth in Turkey. After couple of months of research, I selected DentAntalya clinic. I choose to be operated by Dr Erdal Cetinkaya. My treatment was done in 2 visits. I had a full mouth Implants system with internal sinus lifting. On my first visit, they did sinus lifting plus 4 implants in each jaw. I selected Megagen Implants and the offer was quite good comparing to my dentist back home. I just finished the 24 crowns pose 2 weeks ago. When I came back home, I went to my dentist and he was amazed with the job quality of Dr Erdal Cetinkaya. DentAntalya team gave me the trust from the first contact with them. A full attention to the patient. Very good choice and I’m happy that I went with DentAntalya Clinic.

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Composite Bonding in Turkey Price

Composite bonding in Antalya offers an affordable path to a beautiful smile, blending quality care with the beauty of Turkey’s coastline. Known for its cost-effectiveness, composite bonding teeth in Turkey provide a simple solution to enhance your smile’s appearance, addressing issues like chips, gaps, or discoloration with precision and artistry. Without specifying exact prices, it’s clear that Turkey stands as a go-to destination for achieving dental aesthetics efficiently and affordably.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Where to Start?

Every year, countless individuals embark on a journey abroad in search of superior healthcare services, with Turkey standing out as a top choice for health tourism. The nation’s allure in this sector can be attributed to its highly skilled medical personnel, cutting-edge technological and medical facilities, along with swift, efficient healthcare solutions at prices that are more accessible than those found in many other countries.

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Why Choose Antalya/Turkey for Dental Treatment?

Treatment and Holiday

Opting for dental implants in Turkey offers not just top-notch dental services but also the chance to immerse yourself in a nation brimming with historical and cultural treasures.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Despite offering top-tier medical services and utilizing the latest technologies, dental treatments in Turkey, particularly implant procedures, are significantly more affordable compared to those in many Western countries.

World-Class Medical Professionals

Turkey is home to highly skilled dental surgeons and specialists renowned for their expertise in implantology. These professionals are trained globally, ensuring they bring the best practices and innovations back to their practices in Turkey.

Explore Antalya

In Antalya, you can receive world-class dental implants while soaking up the Mediterranean sun. This vibrant city combines state-of-the-art dental care with stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and lush landscapes. After your treatment, unwind on golden sands or explore the historic sites that dot the city, enriching your recovery with cultural delights. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and professional dental treatment in Turkey’s coastal gem, making your journey to wellness as rejuvenating as it is transformative.

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