Hypnosis in Dentistry (Hypnodontics)


Hypnodontics” is a hypnotherapy used in dentistry.

Eliminating Fear and Anxiety

Dentistry is one of the areas where the patients are most concerned about anxiety and fear. Previous bad experience and fears factors cause patients to have difficulties with going to the dentist and getting treatment, that could cause the serious problems in oral and dental health.
However, such a phobia is mostly described as “unwarranted” fears. Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool that helps to completely eliminate this type of fear and anxiety.


It means that painlessness is realized with hypnotherapy. Hypnotic methods can be used to provide painlessness and lethargy to people who have very serious fears about dental treatment and needles, to patients who cannot be used anesthetic agents due to drug allergies. After the patient is taken into hypnotic trance, a strong numbness is provided into the desired area. With the hypnoanesthesia created in this way, even the most serious operations can be performed without using any anesthetic drug.
Hypnosis performed consciously and the patient should be willing to receive it.

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