Antalya is the most suitable region for Alternative Tourism in terms of its climate, sea, beaches, forests at the base of the Taurus Mountains and easy transportation. Between September and May (Low Season) its weather, humidity rate and altitude being mild for a long time and makes most suitable conditions especially for patients and elder people. The reputation of Antalya in the world is indisputable. There are all conditions for fast growth of Health Tourism industry in this region. Often the Health Tourism service beneficiaries are either elder, disabled or sick people, which  looking for the environments that provide them comfortable rest and professional treatment. In Antalya region in terms of Health Tourism, there are sufficient  number of Health institutions with qualified multilingual personnel.


Antalya is a city with worldwide experienced doctors. Getting your treatment in Antalya, you will benefit as from Turkish doctors professionalism as from attractive prices. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to participate in touristic tours around Antalya the fourth world unique culture and history place. Antalya is a province where you can combine enjoying holiday and discovering historical attractions with all possibilities of Health Tourism and Dental Tourism.
Where I can find good dentist?
Internet source offers you all details for your dental journey to Turkey. It allows you to easily access the price ranges for your required dental treatment and get free estimated costs information. You can trust DENTANTALYA experience as one of the best Dental Clinic of Antalya Dental Tourism.
How much could cost my Dental Treatment in Antalya?
The budget depends on the specific treatment you need.
How I can make sure that my treatment will be perfect?
For many years DENTANTALYA Dental Clinic has been serving satisfied patients in various dental fields as in Turkey as outside of the country. All of our patients who have been treated so far have left our clinic confident of themselves and their smile. The most important assurance of the service we provide with our specialist doctors as well as in the medical sense is the satisfaction of our patients.
Do I have a chance to estimate my treatment before coming to Antalya?
DENTANTALYA Dental Clinic makes a Free Estimated Cost (treatment calculation) according to your X-ray picture.
How I could book accommodation?
For your convenience DENTANTALYA can offer you various type of accommodation services: Booking 4 or 5 stars Hotel in Antalya city, Kundu or Belek, Apartment Reservation, Transfer Service or Rent a Car. If you are looking for accommodation service, our public relations specialist will be glad to help you. Please leave a message on WhatsApp or fill the Accommodation Form. Antalya is a province with long term experience in Health Tourism and Dental Tourism.
Can I come with my family?
Of course. Coming to our DentAntalya Clinic with your family members can help you give ideas during your treatment. In addition, Antalya is attracting not only in terms of Health tourism but also as with historical and cultural sights.
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