Digital Smile Design

What does it mean Digital Smile Design?
When we talking about cosmetic dentistry the first concepts that comes to the mind is “Digital Smile Design”. Smile Design is the process of correcting the teeth and gums, which have aesthetically distorted appearance for various reasons, as natural and beautiful as possible according to the face shapes and needs of the patients. The Smile Design has a multidisciplinary approach and realized by applying many processes together.
Which processes does the Smile Design include?
Because the aesthetic needs of each patient might be different, the procedures to be chosen are different as well. List of these procedures depends on following factors: facial features, gender, age and expectations of each patient. First step is the treatment of carious teeth and gum diseases, then tooth cleaning procedures are applied. Following procedures applying according to the needs of each patients: Gingival aesthetic interventions (gingivectomy), teeth whitening (bleaching) methods, compensating tooth deficiencies with implant and prosthetic applications, porcelain laminates and coatings, zirconium coatings and orthodontic treatments (straightening).
How is Smile Design proceeds?
In Smile design is very important to understand the cosmetic expectations of the patient and correctly determine necessary steps. Model is calculated using special computer programs based on measurements, intraoral and facial patient’s photographs and compliance with the shape of the face. The most approximate “after the treatment” images are presented to the patient. Based on original details Smile Design program prepare temporary restorations using various ideas.
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